Time to Sell? You Came to the Right Place!

Your Motivation

Our first conversation with you about selling your home will begin with your motivation. We'll want to understand your reasons for selling and your expectations.  Are you moving for work, retiring, downsizing or upsizing? Do you need to sell quickly or are you in no particular rush? Whatever your goals, the better we understand your needs, the better we can help you reach your goals.

Setting The Price

Setting the right list price is very important. Too low of a price may not get you top dollar even with multiple offers. At some point, buyers just don't feel comfortable paying way over the asking price. Too high of a price, and the property may still sit for too long and give the impression that it's undesirable or otherwise problematic. Every home is unique in condition, location, and overall appeal so relying on automated algorithms that some valuation sites perform can lead to issues. We'll run a full market analysis on comparable properties taking into account recent sales trends of your neighborhood, unique characteristics of your home, and the particulars of your goals in the sale to arrive at the perfect list price.

Sale Preparation and Marketing

Your home needs to look its best for its first date with the market and you can count on us to help you with the right makeover. Little things like fresh paint, decluttering, and appropriate staging can make a big difference on a buyer's perception. They don't have to be all that costly or time consuming, but they do have to be done right. We'll help guide you on what to concentrate on and what not to waste your time or money on. When everything looks right, we'll take beautiful professional photos and videos, including aerial photography when appropriate to make your home stand out of the crowd on the MLS, Facebook, Zillow, and all other venues that hit buyers' eyes.


There are a number things to take into consideration when dealing with showings of your home. You want to make it as available as possible but without running out the door with 5 minutes notice. You want to make sure your home remains secure and respected while buyers are touring it and you may have security cameras or other recording devices that have legal implications. We're here to guide you and set things up to cause you the least stress and keep your a safe respected harbor.

Negotiating and Navigating Offers

Not all offers with the same purchase price are equal and when receiving multiple offers, it can be stressful to make the right choice that will get you the best and highest offer. There are several strategies with different consequences and we're well experienced in them. We'll help you understand the differences and set you up for a successful sale.

Stepping Through the Contract All the Way to Closing 

Selling a home is a process all the way through closing. Even after a contract is signed and agreed on, there is normally an option period where the buyer will inspect the house and often try to renegotiate the price or other conditions. There are often many things that happen that require amendments or could potential make the contract fall through. Dialogue is often needed with the buyer's lender or the appraiser to keep things moving and understanding the difference between typical timelines and issues can often be key. Luckily, we're here for you every step of the way!