Our Story

We are a small, non franchised, boutique company founded out of a love for the field of real estate and a powerful desire to provide others with the best personal service that can be given.

We have experience with our military community, first time and experienced buyers, investors, foreign buyers and sellers, and a gamut of other categories of people and situations. Each person and each person's situation is different and we take the time to really understand the particulars of what our clients truly want so we can make it happen. We get to know them and cater to their real estate needs as their advocate and friend. As a result, most of our clients become personal friends.

Our Team

Our agents work hard but love to laugh. Our relationships with our clients are personal and our agents are personable. We want to be people that not only do the best job for you and give you the best service, but also that you enjoy spending time with and look forward to dealing with. Life never feels like work if you enjoy who you're working with!

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Alex Andrikos


Alex is originally from New York and comes from a Spanish and Greek family. He was raised speaking both languages and admiring the beautiful architectures in cities like Athens and Barcelona. He has a degree from Penn State in Electrical Engineering and began purchasing real estate after his first year in the Air Force. Since then, he's been active in buying and selling single and multi family properties and managing rental properties for himself and others.

Alex enjoys being a REALTOR® and serving as president of a HOA. He looks forward to new challenges, meeting new people, and using his analytical skills and real estate expertise to help his clients accomplish their goals.

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Victoria Montalvo


Victoria is originally from Monterrey Mexico, and speaks Spanish and English.  She has many years of experience in public relations.  Victoria grew up with an appreciation for multi cultural architecture which motivated her to become a Texas REALTOR®

Victoria es originalmente de Monterrey Mexico, y habla Expanol e Ingles. Tiene muchos anos de experiencia en relaciones publicas. Victoria crecio con una gran apreciasion asia arquitectura multi cultural y es lo que la motivo en convertise en Agente de Bienes Raices, TEXAS REALTOR®.

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