Get an Expert on Your Side

It's a crazy market here in San Antonio. With approximately 4 months of supply, it's still considered a seller's market, but with interest rates at their highest point in 20 years, buyers are increasingly discerning. It's a tricky time to sell or buy a home. It can be tough on either side - but we're here to help you through every step!

Buying Your Home

Buying  a home is a big and usually wise investment, but today's confusing market can make it difficult even for experienced buyers - let alone first time buyers. High interest rates and lower inventory levels pose challenges that buyers have not had to deal with in many years. At Andrikos Realty, we use our expertise to help you navigate the San Antonio market and find you the right place to call home.


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Selling Your Home

It's still a great time to be a seller in San Antonio, but buyers are no longer competing the way they were a couple of years ago. Having a smooth and low stress sale requires a solid understanding of the local market, patience, and competent guidance. Here at Andrikos Realty, we're focused on looking out for you through each step of the process. We don't parse out your sale to different people. The same person supports you through the entire process, focused on anticipating any potential issues in advance, and looking out for your goals the entire time.


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